Celo Airdrop Solution

Effortless Airdrops on CELO Network


Executing Airdrops Simplified

Easily launch an airdrop on the CELO network with CELO Multisender. Distribute your Celo tokens smoothly using just three simple steps. Upload a CSV file with the required details to send tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction.

CELO Multisender

Send tokens to multiple addresses at once with three easy steps using our token multisender.

Effective Token Batch Sender

Multi blockchain support, send in BSC, Ethereum or Polygon with ERC-20 Token protocol.

Streamlined Multisend for Crypto

Bulk crypto sending on the CELO network, leveraging its scalability and efficiency.

Token Distribution Tool

Distribute tokens in bulk through our decentralized application. Utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts, CELO Multisender is indispensable for decentralized finance (DeFi). This tool allows you to send tokens in bulk efficiently, facilitating airdrop campaigns.

Airdrops are a common Web3 strategy to promote projects by widely distributing tokens. Users can receive tokens through tools like CELO Multisender.

CELO Multisender is a robust and easy-to-use token multisender tool built for the CELO blockchain. This tool allows sending tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction, making it ideal for projects and businesses managing airdrops. With CELO Multisender, users can distribute tokens to multiple addresses easily, with advanced options like customizable gas fees and nonce management for a smooth experience.

An important benefit of CELO Multisender is its integration with the CELO blockchain, renowned for its scalability and real-world applications. This makes it perfect for efficient and cost-effective token distribution, especially for airdrop campaigns. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels, and with the built-in airdrop function, conducting a successful campaign is straightforward.

CELO Multisender is the preferred tool for projects managing airdrops, affiliate programs, marketing campaigns, and other scenarios requiring token distribution. Its powerful features make it one of the top tools for bulk sending tokens. Managing and distributing tokens on CELO is secure, efficient, and straightforward with CELO Multisender.

Seamless Celo Token Distribution

Distribute tokens in bulk using CELO Multisender. Select the token, input the addresses and amounts, and follow the easy steps.

Quick Token Reception for Multiple Addresses

Recipients get their tokens within seconds, with much lower costs compared to traditional one-by-one transactions. Save time and money.

Trusted and Verified Contracts

Review our contracts on the blockchain explorer; the code is transparent and verified, ensuring user trust.

Optimized for the CELO Network

Powered by the CELO network, a leader in scaling Ethereum with practical solutions. Easily send tokens to multiple addresses.