At the moment you can use MetaMask. We are working on implementing on implementing other wallets such as WalletConnect and TrustWallet.

To use cryptosender you need to use a cryptographic wallet. The wallets supported by cryptosender are totally secure, because they are the most advanced on the market and are constantly audited for security. In addition, the nature of the blockchain adds an additional layer of security.

Cryptosender is tested with +200 addresses at a time. Sometimes, it may fail due to congestion of the chosen network.

Currently it supports the main EVM networks, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Cronos and Fantom.

Yes, you can select the Binance Smart Chain network (Testnet), go to the following faucet and claim some tokens to perform some tests.

You an calculate the cost on https://cryptosender.io/calculator

Of course you can. For this purpose cryptosender.io has VIP plans that you can purchase with the native currency of the selected chain. You can check the plans by clicking here.

Of course, here is a video tutorial on how to make a bulk delivery to different addresses with cryptosender.io.

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