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What is Cryptosender?

Cryptosender Token Multisender is a tool to facilitate sending ERC-20 tokens to multiple addresses at once. Add a list or upload a CSV file and send to over 200 wallets in a single transaction. Save time and money with Cryptosender.

Crypto Multi Sender

Send tokens to multiple addresses at once with three easy steps using our token multisender.


Multi blockchain support, send in BSC, Ethereum or Polygon with ERC-20 Token protocol.

Time saver

Save time by sending your tokens to more than 200 accounts at the same time.

Batch ERC20 token transfer

The traditional ERC-20 blockchain system only allows the sending of tokens from one address to another. With Cryptosender Token Multisender solves the problem allowing batch transferring of ERC-20 tokens

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Cryptosender is an innovative token multisender tool that allows users to send their ERC20 tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction. This means that users can send tokens to multiple recipients without having to split them between each recipient. The user-friendly and secure design of Cryptosender makes it easy for users to send their tokens to multiple addresses using the built-in token transfer feature. Tokens sent through Cryptosender are stored safely within the blockchain network, ensuring they cannot be lost or stolen. With Cryptosender's token multisender feature, you can easily manage and distribute your ERC20 tokens to multiple recipients in one simple transaction.

Wallet crypto sender tool

Cryptosender is an app to disperse erc20 tokens easily and at low cost.

Airdrop smart contract

You can launch an airdrop, promote tokens or make multiple payments from a single place.

Token multisender on multichain

You can use the bsc, polygon or ethereum network to send multiple tokens, you can also use the BSC testnet for testing.

Batch transfer

Batch transfer means that with a single transaction on the blockchain, the token to be sent is distributed among several addresses.