ERC20 Token Distribution Tool

Initiate Airdrops on Avalanche Chain with Ease


Executing Airdrops on Avalanche Chain Made Simple

Kickstart an Avalanche Chain airdrop effortlessly using our AVAX Multisender. Distribute ERC20 tokens seamlessly in three straightforward steps. Utilize a CSV file with the required details to launch the airdrop and send tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction.

ERC20 Multisender

Send tokens to multiple addresses at once with three easy steps using our token multisender.

Efficient Token Batch Sender

Multi blockchain support, send in BSC, Ethereum or Polygon with ERC-20 Token protocol.

Simplified Token Multisend on Avalanche Chain

Bulk crypto dispatch on the Avalanche Chain following the ERC20 protocol.

Token Batch Delivery

Efficiently dispatch tokens in bulk through our decentralized application. Utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts, AVAX Multisender is pivotal for decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Avalanche Chain. With this tool, launch an airdrop with ease by sending tokens in bulk.

Airdrops, a renowned Web3 strategy for project promotion through widespread token distribution, are facilitated using tools like AVAX Multisender.

AVAX Multisender, a potent and user-friendly token distribution tool crafted for the Avalanche Chain. This innovative tool eases the process of sending tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction, making it the preferred choice for projects and businesses conducting airdrops. With AVAX Multisender, users effortlessly send tokens to multiple addresses, featuring advanced options like customizable gas fees and nonce management for a seamless experience.

A standout feature of AVAX Multisender is its compatibility with the Avalanche Chain, recognized for efficient and cost-effective transactions. An ideal solution for timely token distribution, especially for airdrop campaigns, its user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for users of all skill levels. With the built-in airdrop function, running a successful campaign has never been simpler.

AVAX Multisender stands out as the tool of choice for projects conducting airdrops, affiliate programs, marketing campaigns, and other scenarios requiring token distribution on the Avalanche Chain. Its powerful functionality positions it among the best token batch sender tools available, ensuring secure, efficient, and easy handling, management, and distribution of tokens on the Avalanche Chain.

Streamlined ERC20 Token Allocation

Utilize AVAX Multisender to send tokens in bulk. Choose the token, input addresses and amounts, and follow the straightforward steps.

Swift Delivery to Multiple Addresses

Users swiftly receive their tokens, with significantly reduced costs compared to traditional one-by-one transactions. Save time and money on the Avalanche Chain.

Verified Contracts for Enhanced Trust

Examine our contracts in the blockchain explorer; the code is transparent and verified, ensuring user trust on the Avalanche Chain.

Optimized for Avalanche Chain

Supported by the Avalanche Chain network, a leading blockchain technology platform. Easily dispatch tokens to multiple addresses on the Avalanche Chain.